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1) 00:07 — “Long ago there lived a king…” (“Una volta c’era un rè”)
2) 03:05 — Love at first sight — Duet & scene with Prince Ramiro, in disguise
3) 08:50 — Cinderella begs her stepfather to take her to the ball
4) 11:20 — The Mysterious Lady arrives at the ball
5) 13:35 — Recitative in which there are exchanged declarations of love, and also bracelets. The Mysterious Lady departs in haste.
6) 15:00 — Back at the homestead, the truth is revealed and the lovers reunited.
7) 15:45 — “Born to sorrow and weeping” (“Nacqui all’affanno”)
8) 20:00 — “No more hours spent sadly singing…” (“Non più mesta”)