Audio & Video

During this difficult past year, I’ve been extremely grateful to the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine for the opportunity to continue making and sharing music. Our “virtual choir” has been busy making videos since last spring, of which I’m including one example. The second video is a Celtic carol I arranged and recorded as a gift to the Cathedral community:

** NB: You may prefer to watch this video on the YouTube website. This will allow you to take advantage of additional features, including a linked table of contents for easier navigation within the video, as well as a full list of cast & creative team.

1) 00:07 — “Long ago there lived a king…” (“Una volta c’era un rè”)
2) 03:05 — Love at first sight — Duet & scene with Prince Ramiro, in disguise
3) 08:50 — Cinderella begs her stepfather to take her to the ball
4) 11:20 — The Mysterious Lady arrives at the ball
5) 13:35 — Recitative in which there are exchanged declarations of love, and also bracelets. The Mysterious Lady departs in haste.
6) 15:00 — Back at the homestead, the truth is revealed and the lovers reunited.
7) 15:45 — “Born to sorrow and weeping” (“Nacqui all’affanno”)
8) 20:00 — “No more hours spent sadly singing…” (“Non più mesta”)